All of the images were color corrected and then animated. Animation techniques used include expressions, keyframes, nested compositions, and Trapcode Form for the text blowing away at the end.

Place Defined - The concepts of place and displacement demonstrate the very complex interaction of language, history and environment in the experience of
colonized peoples and the importance of space and location in the process of identity formation. In many cases, 'place' does not become an issue in a society's cultural discourse until colonial intervention radically disrupts the primary modes of its representation by separating 'space' from 'place'. A sense of place may be embedded in cultural history, in legend and language, without becoming a concept of contention and struggle until the profound discursive interference of colonialism.

I chose images that speak to how native cultures & people's Place's have been altered in many Post Colonial countries and areas. Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese, Haiti by the French, and India & Kenya by the British. Now many people in these countries live in or near the poverty line and receive little assistance from their former colonial holders. I chose Cabrini Green in Chicago as a kind of colonialism within colonialism due to the gentrification that's going on in that area now. Urban black families were previously living in the public housing complexes there only to be pushed out into other neighborhoods in the city and several suburbs. Now you can find Starbucks and condos/townhomes in what used to be one of the most dangerous areas in America. I wonder what "Place" means to someone who used to live there. I have the text "Place" blowing away like sand at the end to symbolize the erosion of what is or was "Place" to many living in areas like the ones represented in my piece.

Photoshop - After Effects - Trapcode Form

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